like i don’t think people realize how ingrained racism in a child like in middle school when I told people I was mexican it made me feel like a second class citizen that was just there to get made fun of by all my white friends so I started telling people I was native american like I felt disgusted about myself thinking that I was mexican just because of how it made other kids feel about me and I still hold onto it I still would rather call myself indian than mexican but even then I think to myself that oh now they’re gonna think of me as some alcoholic low life and it’s like I can’t win either way

i know that it may seem easy for a lot of people to fucking degrade indians all across the country because hell I know that most of them are asking for it, but the fucking fact that so many people are just willing to take fifty steps back just so they can get out their ‘feelings’ about some indian they have to deal with is fucked up

i grew up on the navajo reservation for half of my life, my dad is native american, and I’ve known so many people in my life that are hardcore indians to the bone so I can surely tell you that I know that I know a bit about what I’m talking about, but the amount of racism I’ve come across because of it is astounding and just because some cute guy thinks he has the interest of his mama at heart can just go around saying that some alcoholic deadbeat should go back to the reservation ‘where he belongs’ is too fucking much. i get that there are drunks in this world, that there are people that mooch and destroy family lives because I’ve seen it first hand, but the last thing you have to tell me is that they should go back to the reservation where they belong. its just unfucking believable. 

i dont think people realize how much i hear shit like this like we as a people deserve to only be on these shitty pieces of land and that we’re all fat and full of diabetes and alcoholism 

and trust me I know both sides because I have come across more than my own fair share of disgustingly rude indians that can only preach about how the white man is blah blah this or blah blah that

i am just sick of all the racism

i don’t care if you’re an indian or not 

learn some fucking tact

Don’t think that what you say fleetingly to one man be harmless. Your fleeting words can travel so fast and so lightly that soon enough they will end up hitting someone so hard that they cannot get up again! It takes someone tough to receive so many blows, we should respect and honour those who fight away the words just as much as those who fight away the blows!
Isabella Poretsis 

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"Go back to the fucking reservation where you belong."


Igor Dewe


Ryan Bertroche


what a shit day 

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